Thursday, March 5, 2009

Half-Pint Prints Spring 2009 Update

Must be spring, right? We only got a foot of snow this week!

Anyway, here is the update for Spring 2009. Our site is now supported by two professional-level print labs. This is a recent change, and the quality is excellent. I've ordered a few prints of our kids two weeks ago and I love the results. The new "metallic" prints are very cool indeed, and unlike any print I've ever seen. Our site also now supports true hi-def video, but I honestly haven't uploaded anything yet to take advantage of it. Oh, we've got a new logo too.

You may also notice images are watermarked now. That copyright notice will not appear on any prints that you order.

The new password has been sent out to everyone by email. If you did not receive it, let me know and I'll get it to you.

Enough of the housekeeping notices. This is a larger-than-usual update with over 1,200 new pictures added since winter:
  • Cindy Lou and Rob
  • Jerry and Donna
  • Marla and Josh

  • Fireman Mikie's archives (these are not my pictures)
  • Andrew's Birthday, Hope's Birthday, & Trazi's Harvest Party

  • lots of new pictures of Emily, Zachary, and Skooter III
  • a great trip to Los Angeles to celebrate Grandpa Mike's 70th Birthday
  • Zachary's 1st Birthday
  • Addison's Christening
  • Some new additions to "The Old Shoebox" including some horrific pictures from my elementary school.
  • Day-trips to Six Flags, Davis Farm, Disney on Ice, and the Brooklyn Fair

The easiest way to track the updates is by following the blog. You can subscribe to the blog feed at the bottom of any blog page.

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