Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today's news

I'm starting to seriously price shop a Mac Pro as my photography machine. My poor PC is brought to its knees by Photoshop CS3, and I want to make the upgrade to CS4. I guess it will be a cross-grade instead.

I have officially given up on the T-Mobile G1. I'm switching back to a BlackBerry Curve until T-Mobile gets a newer BlackBerry (hopefully the Bold - I'm more interested in that than I am the Storm). I can not fault HTC for my disappointment. They built a physically impressive and enjoyable phone. The Android Operating System, to me, seems buggy, and when combined with the comperably weak T-Mobile network, well... you get the picture.

I'm plugging away at the New Jersey images. I'd say I'm making good progress with about 20 more uploaded tonight.

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